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The Society of Postdoctoral Scholars (SOPS) is an organization of postdocs at the University of Kentucky. SOPS assists current, past or incoming postdocs with career advice, professional development, and networking opportunities. SOPS is a UK student organization and was formed in 2014. We have a wide variety of members from colleges across campus and are always looking for postdocs who want to involved in SOPS leadership.

Anyone obtaining postdoctoral training regardless of title is welcome to join!

Executive committee

Emily Hankosky - President

Name: Emily Hankosky, PhD

Designation, Department: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Interests: Translational research, applying analytic methods from (pharmaco)epidemiology and biomedical informatics to secondary data in order to advance medications development for substance use disorders. Specifically, developing a claims-based workflow to identify medications that could be repurposed for stimulant use disorders. 

Email address: e.hankosky@uky.edu


Stephanie Davis - Chief Operating Officer

Name: Stephanie M. Davis, PhD. 

Designation, Department: Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Neurology

Research Interest: Identifying novel drugs for the treatment of neuroinflammation during ischemic stroke. 

Email address: stephanie.davis@uky.edu 


Lindsey Hammerslag - Vice President

Name: Lindsey R. Hammerslag, Ph.D.

Designation, Department: Postdoctoral Fellow, Psychology Department

Research interests: Behavioral neuroscience, addiction, oxytocin

Email address: l.hammerslag@uky.edu


Ankita Punetha - Secretary 

Name: Ankita Punetha, Ph.D.

Designation, Department: Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Interest: To understand nucleic acid and protein interactions, synergizing experimental and computational biology. Macromolecular Crystallography, Structural Bioinformatics.

Email address: ankita.punetha@uky.edu


James Castle - Treasurer

Name: James R. Castle, Ph.D.

Designation, Department: Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center

Research interests: Bioinformatics, DNA methylation imputation, high-performance computing, nuclear physics, medical physics, radiation therapy

Email address: james.castle@uky.edu


Jeremy Van Cleve - Faculty Advisor

Name: Jeremy Van Cleve, Ph.D.

Designation, Department: Assistant Professor, Department of Biology

Research Interest: Theoretical biology, evolutionary ecology, social behavior

Email address: jvancleve@uky.edu

SOPS Photo Gallery

2018 Symposium Planning Committee, left to right: Ellen Crocker, Stephanie Davis, Catalina Velez Ortega, Emily Hankosky (chair), Lindsey Hammerslag. Not pictured: Nanda Kumar, Marina Fosso, Jeremy Van Cleve


Ellen Crocker, speaking at 2018 SOPS Research Symposium




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