Resources for UKY Postdocs

Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

The Director of Postdoctoral Affairs, Joseph Lutz, established the University of Kentucky Office of Postdoctoral Affairs in 2019. This office offers a variety of resources to new postdocs, including a new postdoc orientation, peer support groups, and professional development resources. For more detailed information, please visit

Summary of Postdoc Employee Benefits

Download the pdf of our full welcome packet here!

This is meant to serve only as an informal overview for postdocs. For a comprehensive guide, see the UKY Postdoc Policy guide and the UKY HR Employee Benefits Guide


Postdoctoral Scholars and Fellows are eligible to purchase health insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, and optional life insurance. Postdoctoral Scholars and Fellows are also eligible to receive a health credit and a basic life insurance benefit.

Visiting Scholars are eligible to purchase health insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance. Visiting scholars are not eligible for the health credit or basic life insurance benefit. J-1 visiting scholars may have additional insurance options available, see the UKY Postdoc Policy guide for more information.  

Flex spending accounts

Postdoctoral Scholars and Fellows, but not Visiting Scholars, are eligible to participate in flex spending accounts for dependent care or health care.


Postdoctoral Scholars and Fellows, as well as Visiting Scholars, are eligible to apply for an E parking permit.

Health and wellness

Health and wellness benefits include discounted Fitbits, a $100 yearly health plan rebate, and the potential to receive a voucher for a discount on a Community Supported Agriculture share.

In addition, a variety of programs are offered to support employee wellbeing:

  • MoveWell membership is $7 per month and provides access to the gyms, Seaton Center and 1020 Export Street, as well as a free personal training consultation and group fitness classes.
  • EatWell provides access to registered dieticians that can provide guidance on healthy eating.
  • BeWell provides access to health coaches that can help with making healthy lifestyle changes.

Tuition benefits

Postdoctoral Scholars and Fellows are eligible to participate in the Employee Education Program at UKY. Although Fellows are not explicitly granted the benefit in the UKY Postdoc Policy Guide, Fellows have been able to redeem the benefit in 2017, 2018 and 2019.


Useful Resources for Postdocs

Society of Postdoctoral Scholars

The Society of Postdoctoral Scholars (SOPS) is free to join and works to enrich the training experience for postdocs at University of Kentucky. Because the postdoc is a temporary position, we are always excited to welcome new members and expand our leadership team. Follow our listserv and social media account (@UKY_SOPS on twitter) to learn about the events we hold to promote professional development, wellbeing, and expand opportunities for UKY postdocs and be sure to attend the SOPS Annual Research Symposium near the end of the spring semester each year.

Proposal Development Office

The Proposal Development Office, through the Office of the Vice President for Research, provides comprehensive grant preparation services. They can assist with funding searches, review and critique proposal drafts, and provide descriptions of UKY resources for standard sections of proposals. They maintain a useful list of resources on their website. 

Center for Enhancement of Learning and Teaching

The Center for Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) offers resources to improve teaching and pedagogy skills. In addition to their workshops and teaching tip videos, they also host a library of books and periodicals on teaching. They also have information on preparing a teaching philosophy statement, a critical part of many academic faculty applications. 

Office of Biomedical Education

The Office of Biomedical Education (OBE) promotes postdoctoral culture and helps ensure College of Medicine (COM) postdocs have an optimal training environment. Stop by the office in the Medical  Sciences Building (MS 415) to seek guidance, or to offer suggestions. Their initiatives include an Annual Postdoctoral Poster Session, an active listserv, a Professional Development Seminar Series, and the Trainees in Research Advisory Committee (TRAC) which interfaces with the Dean to address the needs of trainees. COM postdocs should see the included flyer for more details.

Markey Cancer Center

The Markey Cancer Center (MCC) provides a number of resources for their postdoctoral trainees, including travel awards, journal clubs, a research communications office, grant writing boot camp, and access to shared resource facilities. MCC postdocs should see the included flyer and visit the MCC Education webpage for more details.

Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (coming soon)

This office will be opening in the Fall 2019 semester and will serve postdocs from all colleges on campus.

International Center

The UK International Center (UKIC) leads internationalization efforts at the University of Kentucky. The work of the UKIC is supported by International Advisory Council, a group of globally engaged faculty and administrators representing each of the University’s 16 colleges, plus other key academic units.UKIC helps students build a dynamic UK experience through several social, cultural and educational opportunities and events including writing workshops, movies, sports, fairs and much more. Check out the full calendar at:  

Units and initiatives at the International Center:

International Travel Registry

The International Travel Registry helps UK locate and assist our travelers in emergencies and facilitates coverage under UK’s international medical insurance and evacuation policy.

International Partnerships

The International Center promotes relationships with educational institutions, student and faculty exchanges, and joint research projects through international academic exchange and collaboration.

International Faculty & Staff

The International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) provides a number of services for current international faculty and scholars, including support and information about employment, health coverage, DMV, SSN and others. ISSS files H-1B and permanent residency (green card) petitions on behalf of UK and facilitates the J-1 exchange visitor’s program.

Stuckert Career Center

The UKY Stuckert Career Center provides career guidance services, including career advising appointments and access to the Handshake job posting platform. Postdocs can access these resources by contacting the Career Center directly to establish an account. In addition to their individual career advising services, they also host resources for improving career readiness skills, such as interviewing and CV/resume preparation.

Office of Technology Commercialization

The Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) works to help build Kentucky's innovation ecosystem and collaborate with industry partners worldwide. They also work cooperatively with innovators to strategically assess, protect, and license early-stage technologies and cultivate entrepreneurship and co-create new technology startups. Contact this office if you believe that the work you’re doing may be developed into a patent.  

Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurship

The Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurship (VACE) hosts a series of Entrepreneurship Bootcamps. Through weekly meetings, participants learn entrepreneurial skills and develop their ideas into functional products and companies. VACE boasts a distinguished advisory board, made up of Lexington’s leading entrepreneurs, CEO’s, venture capitalists, and private equity investors, who provide ongoing guidance and support to the center and to bootcamp participants. See included flyer for more details.

Additional Information About EEP benefits

How the Employee Education Program Works

The Employee Education Program (EEP) only applies to UK employees attending UK. Employees must follow admission and registration procedures and deadlines established by the University Senate. Be aware of fee and payment deadlines and fee assessment when courses are changed. An EEP Form (for UK employees) must be turned into the Benefits office, 112 Scovell Hall, 0064, by the deadline established. Please check online or with the Benefits office for the most current EEP forms available each semester. Only one course may be taken during work hours with approval by your supervisor and department head. You must make up your missed time within the same work week, which may include taking only a half-hour lunch break or changing your starting and/or ending times. Exception for more than 6 hours can be given to UK employees attending UK with submission of an exception waiver with the EEP form; this can to waive up to nine hours if in your last year of school. Your adviser will need to sign off on your exception waiver.

What the Employee Education Program Covers

Please be aware that the Employee Education Program waives tuition (activity fees only for UK employees attending UK). Any other fees (course and/or program fees), books or expenses related to the class are the employee's responsibility. Graduate-level waivers in excess of $5,250 per calendar year are subject to tax as mandated by IRS Section 127. View this letter for more information regarding taxable EEP benefits.


Forms must be submitted by the deadlines listed on the website – generally these are at least one week before the start of classes (e.g., August 22nd 2019). For class registration and other academic deadlines, please view the UK Registrar’s academic calendar.


Complete and return appropriate form(s):


More information on the Employee Education Program can be found at