2019 Info from symposia page

Voting for presenters

Please take a moment to rate the talks at the end of each session. Only submit one set of votes per block of talks. 

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Guidelines for presenters:

Abstracts should provide a concise summary of the research to be presented. The title may not exceed 150 characters in length, while the body of the abstract may not exceed 1000 characters in length. 

Posters and talks should be general and accessible to an audience outside of the speaker's area of specialization. Talks are allotted 15 minutes, including time for questions. Posters should be no more than 48" high x 40" wide in size (in landscape or portait orientation) and presenters should be prepared to present a brief and concise summary of the poster. 

Registration has closed for this event. Blank name badges will be available at the check in table.