SOPS Social Hour

Thanks to everybody who have attended our meetings in January, we're nailing down details for February/March meetings. But in the mean time, we're hosting another social hour this week, Tuesday 2/10 at 5pm. We can meet at Chem-Phys 114B at 5pm, and then walk over to Local Taco (315 South Limestone) for dinner/social hour. Or just meet up on Local Taco if you like. Come take a break and meet your fellow UK postdocs! Bring new people and ideas for what you want SOPS to do.

First Meeting

Our first event is Thursday, January 15th at 4pm in Room 114B of the Chem-Phys Building to discuss organization and planning. At 4:30 pm, we'll leave for Pazzo's Pizza Pub for dinner and socializing. Come to either or both gatherings.

Second Announcement

Lovely. Yes.
Hey, I am making an announcement. Hi Matt, Phoebe, and others!

First Announcement

This is the first announcement made for the front page.


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