Who We Are

The Society of Postdoctoral Scholars (SOPS) is an organization of postdocs at the University of Kentucky. SOPS assists current, past or incoming postdocs with career advice, professional development, and networking opportunities.

2015-2016 Officers, Left to right: Ellen Crocker, Harrison Tam, Matthew Casselman, and Caitlin Scott

Photo by Dr. Bradford Condon

Executive Officers:
Dr. Ellen Crocker - e.crocker@uky.edu
Technical Officer:
Dr. Bradford Condon - bradford.condon@uky.edu
Symposium Committee:
Dr. Marina Fosso Yatchang (chair) - marina.fosso@uky.edu
Dr. Anna Conrad - anna.conrad@uky.edu
Dr. Sneha Chede - sneha.chede@uky.edu,
Dr. Leobarda Robles-Martinez - leobarda.robles-martinez@uky.edu
Dr. Tavis Mendez - tavis.mendez@uky.edu
Faculty Advisors:
Prof. Susan Odom - susan.odom@uky.edu
Prof. Edith "Phoebe" Glazer - ec.glazer@uky.edu
Prof. Peter Kekenes-Huskey - pkekeneshuskey@uky.edu
Prof. Jeremy van Cleve - jvancleve@uky.edu